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I am available for speaking engagements, workshops, and panels on a variety of topics. I specialize in the following:

Some of the organizations I’ve worked with include:

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Product 1.5: Iterating towards a Better Product Culture

You’ve read the articles, the books, the blog posts, and you binge-watch product Twitter debates like others binge-watched Game of Thrones. And now you’re excited to transform your company’s culture into Product 2.0. But how do you take the first step?

This presentation walks through how product managers can put the culture they want into practice within their own specific teams, and build momentum and buy-in across your company.


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One of my most popular workshops — this covers techniques to set and follow through on goals at your company using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Great for product, engineering and corporate teams, as well as small business founders.

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Prioritization -or- How to Choose Your Favorite Child

MVP Prioritization -or- How to Choose Your Favorite Child

How do you make the hard choices to get your product off on the right foot? Intended for early stage founders, this presentation walks through:

  • testing your riskiest assumption using frameworks such as Lean Canvas
  • the core tenets of building an MVP
  • prioritization techniques such as Impact/Effort and Kano model to help you determine your highest value proposition

We’ll also walk through clear case studies of MVPs in the real world, both in larger companies and early-stage startups alike.

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Stop Building and Talk to People

In this 90-minute interactive workshop, I cover the why and how of conducting user interviews. Great for founders, product managers, and designers looking to get practical insights on conducting their first user interviews.

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A Day in the Life of a Product Manager

This overview talk is great for those looking to get into Product Management. I cover the four essential qualities needed to succeed in Product, and how PMs use them each day in a case study of a new initiative at SpotHero.

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