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What I do

I’m dedicated to developing strong product teams, and finding ways to build and scale innovation inside companies.

In my day-to-day work as Sr. Director of Product at SpotHero, I instill data-driven decision making and focus on users through product discovery and data science. In addition, I advise and coach companies to build and level up their own product strengths.

How I work

I work bringing innovation principles into product teams, and creating technological R&D within companies around data science, machine learning, and AI.

Some of the areas I specialize in:
* Metrics and Data-Driven Decision Making: I've introduced a metrics focus to the teams and companies I work with -- rolling out Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to align an entire company, and coaching product managers to shift their thinking toward hypothesis-driven development.
* Customer Discovery and Design Thinking: I teach startups customer discovery techniques to validate that they're solving problems worth paying for. As a LUMA Certified Design Thinking Practitioner, I facilitate ideation sessions to identify new opportunities and generate promising concepts to validate.
* Data Science and Machine Learning: I build out technical innovation through data science, working with data scientists to develop both a long-term data vision, as well as creating an environment for rapid experimentation -- creating a new proof of concept weekly.
* Product Strategy: Strategy sits between vision and execution. I lead data and product strategy around technology and AI investments, identifying opportunities in market trends, and laying the groundwork to shift customer perception in order to make strategic shifts successful in market.

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Sr. Director of Product, 2021-Present

Director of Product, 2020-2021

Oversee 2-sided parking marketplace, connecting millions of drivers with parking in every major city in the U.S..
  • Define and execute consumer and operator product strategy across 16 product teams, including iOS, Android, CarPlay, Android Auto, and web.
  • Coach and mentor teams in areas of product discovery, experimentation, driving outcomes via OKRs, design thinking, and data science,
  • Create career path, skills, and competencies for product management organization.
  • Re-organized product teams post-COVID to drive retention; cohort retention increased 15 points.
  • Led product teams through high-volatility time period by connecting teams to concrete metrics for success; eNPS increased 30 points and maintained employee retention at 100%
  • Drove demand-side strategy within product organization, leading to record high demand and high-profile partnerships with Lyft and MLB to introduce new users to SpotHero.


Expert-in-Residence, 2021 - Present

As Expert-in-Residence at startup incubator 1871, I create and lead the curriculum for startup founders in the PYROS BUILD program. Lead deep dive workshops and interactive breakout sessions covering topics such as:


VP, Product, 2016-2019

Director, Product, 2014-2016

Product Manager, 2014

Scaled and expand the portfolio of products for ALEX—an HR benefits platform helping 1,500 B2B employers & 18M users.

VP, Product Development, 2012-2014

Director, Product Development, 2010-2012

Product Manager, 2009

Defined strategy and execute development of big data, search, and display ad platforms for enterprise-level advertising clients.

Stax, Inc. Strategy Consulting

Consultant Associate, 2005-2008

Provide strategy consulting & research for private equity and Fortune 100 corporations. Areas of focus:
  • new product research
  • sales & marketing
  • pricing models
  • statistical analysis
  • healthcare
  • alternative banking
  • financial planning