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Everyone is a geek about something. It’s about having a passion strong enough that it escapes out in public. Having an interest outside of your work is key to being successful when work gets tough. Not to mention, geeks are just much more interesting people to be around.

For you it may be baseball statistics, or bad Nicholas Cage movies, or instagramming the amazing dishes you’ve created.

I’m a geek about many things; here are a few that have escaped out in public.

Is Facebook Listening to You?

20×2: Who do you think you are?

Putting together this 2-minute lightning talk as part of 20×2 Chicago is a demonstration of what we willingly share about ourselves online and why we aren’t as unique as we think we are.

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What Super Mario Bros. teaches us about good user design

20×2: Where do we start?

20×2 Chicago is a unique speaker event, where 20 different artists and creatives get 2 minutes each to answer the same question. I answered the question, “Where do we start?” with my own passion: and in-depth ealkthrough of the onboarding design decisions of Super Mario Bros. World 1-1, while playing it live.

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The Vulnerability of Memory

20×2: How does it work?

I told this very personal story of how the brain processes and recalls memories as part of the 20×2 Chicago event, answering the question, “How does it work?”

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